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Bhagirath Sewa Sansthan is also running a special college, Kamkus College Of Special Education and Research(KCSER). KCSER got the affiliation in 2018 from Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI), Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt. of India. At KCSER, our objective is to develop special educators and trainers for children with Special Needs (CWSN). For this, we are currently running two courses viz. Diploma in Special Education in Intellectual Disorder (previously known as Mental Retardation) and Diploma in Special Education in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).Another diploma course in Hearing Impairment will soon be introduced. These are two-year diploma courses with Intermediate (10+2) as the minimum educational requirement. Anyone meeting this criterion can secure a job as a special educator/trainer after completion of any of these diploma courses.

In our country, the current requirement of special educators in government schools alone is about 15 lakhs, but we have only approx.15000 special educators, which is just 1% of the actual requirement. Hence, there is an ocean of opportunity that can be harnessed through our college. The students are also eligible for applying for C.TET in the second year of this course. It concluded that BSS is not only giving a track to be a doctor, an engineer, an officer but also a platform to serve the society to be a special educator and to empower Divyaangjan (children with special needs).

Activities in 2020‐21

In light of the Directives of the Union Home Ministry and the District Administration, Online Classes were conducted as per RCI directions and guidelines.

Further, we wish to proudly inform you that the College has applied for a Diploma in Spl Education in Hearing Impaired, and the NOC for the same has been received from the State Government.