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Our Villages are losing their ethnic values and culture. The modern practice of agriculture and the need for money had led to disastrous downfall in orchards and Ground Water levels. With that, we are losing our natural fauna of Green Cover and sustainable environment.

Bhagirath Sewa Sansthan had been deeply observing this changing pattern and started this club for Rural Community known as Green Brigade Eco Club. The objective is to meet the specific needs and revolutionaries the habit of sustainable agriculture and rebuild the ecosystem by Bamboo Agroforestry so the wastewater in the villages can be utilized for practicing Bamboo on the Marginal Lands as well as on locations adjoining river or watersheds. The activity is carried from the locations situated in selected villages e.g. MORTA-Ghaziabad, Surana-Ghaziabad. Beside Bamboo few more verities that are fastgrowing and yields in short durations are being promoted and that includes Bassil (Tulsi), Awanla, Karonda, etc. These are also being trained for processing into food items. Tubewell channels are strengthened with bamboo plantation on the marginal edges and near tubewell following France-based company research on Phytoremediation so water table depletion will be reversed using Bamboo roots natural system and the clumps ill fetch good financial income from the market.

Activities in 2020‐21

The services were concentrated in Ghaziabad districts where over 60 people were trained on sowing and cultivating 10,000 Bamboo species near HindonRiver.

Over 50,000 pamphlets have been distributed amongst the villagers for spreading knowledge and benefits of Bamboo Framing.

A lecture on Bamboo for the environment was conducted, Dr. Omprakash G. Kulkarni, A president awarded scientist on renewable energy, and Dr. Anil Kr. Singh, IIT-Delhi alumni, and Patent on Smokeless Charcoal from Biomass had presented his views. Further, a proposal to Municipal Corporation for 25 village’s participation for ‘NIRMAL HINDON’ project as PPP where Bhagirath Sewa Sansthan shall work with villagers to utilize Municipal lands and Gram Panchayat Lands for Bamboo for Fuel for micro-level units of smokeless charcoals