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In the present time, the entire scenario of Joint Family Culture is at a vanishing point. Government and charitable institutions had considered the old parents of such nuclear families who had been left without any support by their sons.

Bhagirath Sewa Sansthan who had been rendering welfare services for a very long time had set up a Home known as Balaji Old Age Home. The objective is to meet the specific needs and general care of the elderly. It is situated at Pratap Vihar on the land and the building leased by Nagar Nigam Ghaziabad for 30 years. The living environment of the elderly are their special nutritional needs, physical problems, psychological problems/disorders, care of the bedridden, and in specific serious conditions are being met very well. Communitybased voluntary social health services are also rendered. Yoga & Naturopathy have been introduced to ensure the holistic well-being of the residents.

Activities in 2020‐21

Sansthan understands the importance of the Grands of our society, therefore the main thrust of our society is the Safety and Security of the Grandfathers and Grandmothers. In these tough times of the pandemic, the focus was on the health of the residents of the Old Age Home. The services rendered to elderly people residing in Old-Age Home have been very satisfactory. Their suggestions were given due importance and necessary remedial action was taken well in time.

Entry was restricted in the Old Age Home, regular RT-PCR tests were conducted in case if covid like symptoms arose within any resident.

Eye Health was striven to be ensured as regular Eye Checkup and Eye Test Camp in collaboration with the Lions Group, Ghaziabad Chapter was conducted.

All this was done in collaboration and constant monitoring of the District Administration, Ghaziabad. Multiple inspections and visits were conducted by the District Social Welfare Officer.

I further proudly wish to inform you that the Director of the Sansthan, Shri Amitabh Sukul has been nominated by the District Magistrate Ghaziabad as a member of the District Senior Citizen Welfare Group.

Like previous years several engagements and engaging activities are conducted like organic farming etc for the residents of the Old Age Home.