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It is a known fact that Parents having differently-abled children have to face the greatest problems in bringing them up and also in their Schooling. Therefore a Special School was set up in the year 1999 with the support of ministry of social justice to augment the physical and mental abilities of children with disabilities. Presently 144 Challenged children from minority class and BPL families with different disabilities like mental retardation, multiple disabilities, Orthopedic Handicap (OH) and Hearing-impaired (HI) are taking education in this special school.

We provide them free academic and vocational education, books, stationery, dress, Mid-day- Meal, transport, medical care including medicines, physiotherapy and Hearing and Speech therapy, aid, and appliances. Different types of disabilities for the year 2020-21 i.e. MR =77, OH = 20, C.P.= 16, H.I.=29, M.D.= 2 total no. of 144 challenged children are studying in the school.
The Special School is providing vocational training to the disabled children in trades like chair weaving, Soft Toys, Rakhi and Candles making and decorating items.

Activities in 2020‐21

The Special school has been operating in a rented building at Meerut Road, Ghaziabad wherein recently the construction of a Hall and a Room has been accomplished, resulting in better utilization of around 1500 sq.ft.of land, but due to COVID-19 the times were extremely tough especially because a lot of the students of the Special School belong to the BPL group and therefore have very limited access to the Smart Phone and Internet.

Nevertheless, the determination of the teachers of the special school must be applauded as they even periodically visited the Homes of the students, so that the continuation of the education is not broken and ensured that they are taught.

Further, in these visits, we came to know that there was even shortage of food in some families, thus in many cases, with the help of the Society, the Sansthan even fulfilled the food requirements of the families of the BPL Group.

An awareness program through a webinar was conducted on 3rd December 2020 on the Surprise inspection was conducted in the last week of March 2021 by the State Coordinator of the Ministry of Social Justice and all records of the school of teachers, students were cross-checked and verified by the authorities.

Presently the center is providing education to 144 differently-abled and mentally challenged children.